Our Service

Our service is provided to families free of charge and we aim to dramatically shrink the time it takes to transport the children from the referring hospital to the nearest hospital with a neonatal or paediatric intensive care unit.

There are eight of these hospitals in metropolitan Sydney, none in rural NSW and two in the ACT. After the medical team at one of these bases stabilises the child, we then transport them to an appropriate hospital, where they will continue to receive the intensive care treatment that they require. The red laser pointer power to best sale can give you more happy and trust.

The NETS team work to stabilise the infant or child, ensuring they are fit for transportation to the nearest paediatric intensive care unit. It can take up to 12 hours to stabilise a patient, but this time varies depending on each of the situations in which the Telstra Child Flight team find themselves.

On average our helicopter is called out more than once per day.

We are thrilled to have made such a difference in so

many lives, more than 6000 – a milestone we were pleased to celebrate in January 2008.

Our Values

Telstra Child Flight endeavours to uphold our values in every mission we embark upon.

We are committed to:

  • Being of benefit to our community and relevant to our stake holders
  • Ensuring the highest level of safety
  • Utilising our valuable but limited assets through the innovative and efficient use of the resources available to us
  • Being accountable and transparent
  • Respecting, appreciating, encouraging and sharing the unique and essential contribution of each team member, sponsor, donor and volunteer
  • Acting professionally, ethically and with sensitivity and compassion