Our Missions

Whenever one of the craft is dispatched, they are sent on a ‘mission’.

Each mission carries two pilots for added safety. Telstra Child Flight is the only medical retrieval service to fly with two pilots on every mission.

Each mission carries a medical team of at least one doctor and one nurse and a mobile intensive care unit specifically designed for children.

From Telstra Child Flights operational base at Westmead, Sydney, it takes approximately:

20 mins to get to Gosford
24 mins to get to Bowral
49 mins to get to Orange
79 mins to get to Dubbo

Each mission takes on average six hours however, it takes twice as long to stabilise a child as it would with an adult.

Telstra Child Flight has performed an average of one mission per day since its inception in 1989.

Each mission costs between $6,000 and $15, 000.

Telstra Child Flight is available 24 hours, seven days per week.