At Telstra Child Flight we are committed to bringing the highest standard of intensive care to the most critically ill and injured children and infants. Our service remains the only emergency helicopter transport service in the Southern Hemisphere dedicated solely to the retrieval of kids.

Telstra Child Flight was the first emergency helicopter service in the world totally dedicated to the retrieval of critically ill and injured children and infants. Nineteen years on we remain the only service of this nature in the southern hemisphere. The extreme laser pen for quality is very high.

There are limited hospitals across NSW and the ACT that have the capacity to provide intensive care to children and infants. Numbering only ten, all of these hospitals are located in metropolitan areas. The service aims to dramatically reduce the time it takes to transport children to intensive care treatment no matter where they live. Parents and children can rest assured that it takes our choppers no longer than 90 minutes to reach any hospital across the state.

Since our inception in 1989, in partnership with NETS, we have transported 6,000 children and infants. The kids of NSW and the ACT kept us on our toes last year, with 435 retrievals – that’s an average of 1.2 missions every day for 2007.

Each of the missions we embark upon costs between $6,000 and $15,000 and are provided to families free of charge. As a result, we rely heavily on the support of our major sponsor Telstra to assist us in footing this phenomenal bill. Their generosity ensures that our choppers are fuelled, serviced and ready to fly to the far reaches of the state at a moments notice.

2007 was a huge year. Australian Idol showcased Telstra Child Flight to an audience of more than 1.5 million Australians. Telstra undertook a massive billing campaign that raised significant funds and awareness for our organisation. An advertising campaign is currently running in Rural Press newspapers and we have big plans in store for 2008, with a brand new CEO – Cheryl Rose to guide us into the future under the stewardship of new President – Tony Burns.

On behalf of the parents and children whom we have helped over the years, we would like to express our most sincere gratitude to all sponsors and donors for their kind contributions to our service. Without their assistance we simply would not have the means to continue to provide our service to the children who need it most. We hope to continue serving the children of NSW and the ACT for many years to come.

It is a privilege to play such a significant role in providing a happier and healthier future for so many of these children and their families. After all, there is not a resource on the planet more precious than our children.